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Digital Marketing Highlights 2021

As we have experienced globally, Digital Marketing turns out to be the safest bet to any type of business out there from your favorite bakers to multi-billion brands. With the pandemic, businesses were more eager to adopt and incorporate e-commerce, social media platforms and so on. 4.5 billion internet users around the globe. 3.8 billion people on social media. Let’s dissect the most visible approaches that seem to be working in a global scale of business starting with Digital Marketing Highlights 2021.

  • Companies that focus on relevance and inclusivity will capture attention as consumers continue to be exposed to an ever increasing amount of digital advertising.

  • Small businesses need to continue to optimize their local listings (ie Yelp and Google My Business) to capture local customers. Those who don’t will miss out on the increasing reliance on mobile search to find nearby businesses. Google My Business allows businesses to mark their location as temporarily closed if they’ve been impacted by COVID-19 with no impact to local search ranking.

  • Organic reach on social media will continue to decrease. Brands will need to dedicate budgets if they want their social media campaigns to get the attention they’ve gotten previously.

  • Core Web Vitals will be a major ranking factor for Google search starting May 2021. User Experience (UX) elements like page loading performance, interactive delay, and visual stability need to be optimized.

  • E-commerce transactions will become easier with one-click checkouts. Services like Apple Pay and are more secure for consumers since a limited amount of data is shared, and one-click checkouts improve conversion rates for retailers.

  • Voice search will continue to rise with increased adoption. Marketers should adjust for natural language in their content to be optimized for services like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Clearly, digital marketing is not only paid advertising your products on various platforms, it is researching and optimizing a results oriented journey from leads to customers to converting those clients into a brand a

dvocate and so forth. Await the next article on Content Marketing Highlights of 2021, this one is pretty special.

As much as our team at StratFo learn and unlearn the digital marketing space, we ensure to learn your product and market before providing you solutions. All it takes is a discovery call, visit to get in touch with us.

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